Senior Safety starts at Home!

We all want to remain independent as we age and safety at home is an important way to prevent accidents and injuries. If you follow us on social media you may have read several posts about safety at home. Falls are the leading cause of injury for the elderly. Thankfully preventing falls is possible. Here are a few tips for home safety;

  1. Make sure that the path you or your loved one routinely takes in the home is clear and free from rugs, boxes or other objects that may be tripped over.
  2. Reorganize furniture so that edges and legs are not pointed directly in the path most walked.
  3. Make sure the overhead lighting is working and that the lighting is bright enough.
  4. Toilet seat extenders in bathrooms and grab bars in bathing areas is a plus.
  5. Any steps should have handrails for balance.

Beyond the physical environment our general health is also important in prevention. For more information on preventing falls visit

If we can assist you in understanding your risks and provide additional support please contact us today!

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