There really is no place like home!

How important is it to you to remain home and independent as long as possible?  I would venture to say that 100% of you reading this post would answer that it is very important to you.  We work our entire lives to build our home, not speaking in terms of construction but in terms of that feeling of home.  Our memories of children growing up and meals around the table or get togethers with neighbors are everywhere in our homes.  While a home is just a structure, the life we create and the memories we build make home a place that is not contained by walls.

As we grow older home is a place of comfort and rest.  Personally I have a couple of places I consider "home", my home where I've raised my family and my home where my Mother still resides. The photo above is the view from my Mother's cabin in Alabama.  I can't imagine a day when she and I cant sit out on the swing with our coffee just catching up on life.  Sometimes home becomes our family or the people we love.  There is always a sense of peace that is often hard to put into words when I walk in either of these places.  It's an almost immediate feeling of safety , security and peace. That is one of the reasons my family and I decided to start YourHome Senior Care, because we believe that there is no place like home to live.  As we age there are things we can no longer do independently and sometimes we face health challenges that take us away from home for periods of time.  YourHome Senior Care wants to help you remain in your home as long as possible and hopefully forever.

Share with us what makes your home great. What are some memories in your home that always make you smile?

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