How do you know when it is time for home care for your loved one?

Knowing when you or a loved one need in home care may seem simple but it isn’t. The conversation with your loved one is often the most challenging part of deciding on home care. It is important to help your family member recognize themselves that they could use a little extra help. I have found that if they understand that this type of assistance is meant to help them remain independent and avoid health related issues in the future the conversation is much easier. Here are some common signs that you or your loved one may need private duty home care;

  1. Difficulty doing household tasks alone such as cleaning, meal preparation and home maintenance.
  2. Feeling anxious about driving to a medical appointment.
  3. Needing help with self-care such as bathing.
  4. Feeling lonely.
  5. Forgetfulness.
  6. A recent hospital stay.
  7. Having Home Health or Hospice but needing additional assistance.

These are just a few common signs that home care may be needed. You know your loved one best. I understand the difficulties in presenting information like this to a family member and YourHome Senior Care is happy to help you in deciding when the time for some extra help is needed as well as helping you have that conversation with your loved one.

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