Our Story

After 20 years in the healthcare field, I felt a calling to serve seniors at home and formed YourHome Senior Care.  Throughout my career, I have observed healthcare for seniors in every setting, from hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, inpatient rehabilitation to home.  I firmly believe that the best place for care, whenever possible is at home.                                 On a personal level, I have cared for my grandmother after a heart attack, in these settings, and my father after his stroke.
No matter what setting of care they resided in, the place each of them healed best and thrived most was always at home.
-Diana Wilks, Owner


Our Values

Accountability- Our caregivers take pride and ownership in the care they provide.
Client Safety- Ensuring safety means employing qualified caregivers and ensuring that care is provided in a safe environment.
Client Focused- We are passionate about providing quality personalized care.
Mutual Respect and Courtesy- Relationships are the cornerstone of our profession and the heartbeat of the caring process.
Servant Leadership- Caregiving is a calling to serve and every team member is a leader.

Meet the Owner

Diana Wilks
Professionally, more than 20 years of business experience in healthcare including; hospital, skilled nursing, independent living, physician practice, transportation and diagnostics.  Personally, wife and mother to four wonderful children, passionate about health and wellness and enthusiastic about my serving my community.

Need More Information?

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